In the past centuries a lot of inhabitants of Dreumel emigrated to another country. Especially after the Second World War people chose to build up a new life  in Canada, the USA, Australia and New Sealand.

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  • Names and additional information of the next of kin of those who emigrated from Dreumel to a foreign country;

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Dreumel inhabitants that emigrated:

to Australia to Canada to United States of America
        June 1920: Jan van Beers
26 March 1952: Jo de Bont   Grad van Beers 1924: Hendrik Verbruggen & Carolina v. Rhijn
1960: Piet Lagarde june 1953: Johan van Lubeek 1930: Jan van Rhyn
  Hendrik de Vree   Jan Merkx 50 's Tiny de Rijk
  Jan de Vree x Joke Nijtmans   Gon Merkx Oct. 1950: Kees de Rijk
  Jan van de Werdt x Truus van Oorsouw   Toontje Verbruggen 1954: Rita Vink:Wisconsin
      Wim Wegman 60 's: Jo de Rijk
          Jos Poelmans
          Liesbeth Poelmans

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From all times

The Ellis Island Records provided us with the names of Dreumel inhabitants who emigrated to the USA.

Between January 1, 1892 and November 1954 appr. 12 million immigrantes from all parts of the world came to Ellis Island. Dutch immigrants travelled by the "Holland - Amerikalijn" from Rotterdam to New York.

Among them two Dutchmen:

Johannes van Beers, Dreumel, Nederland.

Ellis Island

This 29-year old single inhabitant of Dreumel arrived July 29, 1920 by steamship "Noordam".

The Verbruggen family travelled by steamship "Nieuw Amsterdam" and arrived August 31, 1924.


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Former inhabitants of Dreumel

Danmark Piet, Wendy en Melanie van Steene
  Together with their daughters Belinda and Melanie they lived in Dreumel from June 1, 1993 at the Lageweg 30. July 24 2002 Belinda passed away.
  September 1, 2003 they decided to make a new start in Danmark. See their website to obtain more information.
Norway René and Patty van den Berg


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